Cracked iPhone 3GSAs more and more cell phone manufacturers build devices with all glass front panels, it’s inevitable accidents will occur.  And when accidents happen, it can be frustrating — not to mention dangerous to our finger tips! — to continue using a broken display, because shattered glass could lead to an unresponsive digitizer (the part that senses our touch) or even a damaged LCD panel if we wait too long to repair it.

Fortunately, repairing glass displays of devices such as Apple’s iPhone is a relatively inexpensive and quick procedure.

Here’s a short photo essay of an iPhone 3GS glass panel repair we completed just today:

1) First, we first remove the existing display assembly including the glass front panel, digitizer and LCD panel.  Once completed, we clean the interior of the iPhone, removing built up gunk and grime from years of use (yeah, it can be pretty gross).

Front Panel Assembly Removed

2) Next we remove the LCD panel from the broken display assembly and transfer it to the new one. Perhaps the toughest part of doing this is keeping track of the tiny screws Apple uses, because each screw is roughly 1/2 the length of a grain of rice!

3) And finally, we reinstall the newly repaired Front Panel Assembly and run the device through a full battery of tests to ensure it’s working at 100%.

Here’s the before and after comparison of our iPhone Front Panel Glass Repair:

Before and After iPhone Front Panel Repair

Time to repair: Approximately 1 hour.

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