Business Video

Your business contains a treasure trove of knowledge just waiting to be shared!

Using video, your business can develop stronger relationships with your clients and build its reputation as an authority in your field at the same time!

The Types of Video We Make

We don’t shoot commercials.

Because our goal is to help get you more business and gain the trust of your clients, we don’t want to take a “hard sell” approach with your video.  Instead, we suggest creating content that helps potential customers solve a problem.

For example, a plumber might create a video showing how to remove a pop-up stopper from a bathtub.

It seems simple to the plumber, but the content is invaluable to folks who need it.

But not every problem customers face is as simple as removing a stopper, and that’s when your viewers pick up the phone to call YOU: the Expert.

Presenting content in an educational manner takes a soft approach to advertising by setting your business up as an authority in its field and reinforces in the minds of viewers your years of knowledge and experience within your field of expertise.

Cost Effective

The staying power of video makes it a very cost-effective alternative to more traditional advertising methods and that’s because your videos will be available to new customers long after the newspaper ad you ran has been composted.

With an average life of up to 2 years (or more!), educational video keeps both old and new customers coming back again and again.

What We Do

Similar to creating a website, we’ll build a working relationship with you to ensure the videos you make represent your business in the best light.

To do that, we’ll first sit down and discuss ideas for the project, create storyboards, write your script, and begin designing your custom graphics.  And all along the way, we’ll continually seek your feedback to ensure we’re moving in the right direction.

Then, when ready, we head into the studio and shoot your video!

What’s Included

Prepping for Video ShootAt ESC! Technologies Group, our Standard Video Package includes:

  • Copywriting (3-4 min script)
  • Chromakey Background Creation (up to 1 hour)
  • Single Camera Studio Shoot (up to 1 hour)
  • Custom Opening Graphics and Lower Thirds (2D)
  • Post Production (up to 1 hour)
  • Video/Audio Editing
  • Custom Titling/Transitions
  • Custom 2D Animations (photos, text, video, re-creations)
  • YouTube Page Set Up
  • Discounts on future videos within the same series

And if you find that you need more than what our standard package includes such as location-based shooting, additional design time, or help getting your video on to other websites and services, we can help you with that too.

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