At this month’s Woodstock Chamber SOHO meeting to be held October 2nd from 5-6 PM at the Golden Eagle Community Bank meeting room, ESC! Technologies Group will lead a discussion focusing on 5 techniques every business can use to improve their web presence.

When hearing the words “web presence”, the first thing that pops into mind is “website”, and your businesses website is where the discussion will begin.

Surprisingly, many small businesses don’t have a website. Do you? Even if you do, what should your business be doing to keep your customers coming back? At the same time, Mike will discuss the importance of maintaining control over your site and the services that keep it running.

From websites, we’ll move on to a quick discussion on email and how a simple email address can lend more credibility to your business reputation.

Next Mike will pick up on last month’s conversation and discuss ways to stay on top of your social media and give customers a way to interact with you and your business on your own terms – not Twitter’s or Facebook’s!

And then we’ll close our conversation with a look at how to help customers find the information they’re looking for when they seek out your business as well as ways to stay on top of customer issues when they arise.

Finally, if there’s time, Mike has a couple quick bonus tips to cover too!