WordPress Plugins

revlogo_wpAnother round of warnings have been issued by blogs and hosting companies alike about the Slider Revolution plugin by ThemePunch.

Mostly, these new warnings are simply a reminder to those who didn’t heed the alerts issued in September that they’d better update (or stop using) old, outdated, installations of this WordPress plugin or risk having their site compromised.

Since our last update, over 100,000 sites have been compromised due to (it is believed) outdated versions of Slider Revolution.

The vulnerable versions of this plugin include any release prior to 4.2.

The current version of Slider Revolution is 4.6.5.  If you’ve not done so, please update your site immediately!

For more information, please see our previous post on this vulnerability.

NO ESC! Technologies Group clients who subscribe to one of our WordPress Maintenance plans have been affected by this vulnerability.